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Some links to some pieces I’ve done for IBM’s Data Analytics division on wealth management and Big Data.

Smarter digital financial planning: How new analytics tools can help advisors

Improve financial risk management by tapping into client behavior with advanced analytics

New financial sales strategies: Algorithmic matchmaking in the wealth management world



Clip: Cashing In

A story in which I used our proprietary database to uncover some of the first evidence of a rising tide of cash buyers propelling the local market.

Cash is king, and it’s good to be king: Tight lending standards are handing over the housing market to cash-rich buyers, with non-mortgage purchases making up almost 40 percent of the Massachusetts housing market so far this year.
PDF of full article: Cashing In
Link to article (paywalled): Banker & Tradesman, Aug. 14, 2011.

Clip: Mission Hill Deal Derailed

A piece tracing the history of a contentious city development deal, currently waylaid by legal wrangling.

When it was announced last year, the Parker/Terrace redevelopment project on the border of Mission Hill and Roxbury was supposed to be a dream deal for the Department of Neighborhood Development: A disused lot in a semi-industrial neighborhood being turned into a 44-unit, mixed-use development, so green conscious it would pump energy back into the grid.

But in a process perhaps emblematic of just how tough it can be to get development deals done in Boston, the strident opposition of one pair of neighbors has left the project in limbo for nearly a year.

PDF of full article: Mission Hill

Link to article (paywalled):

Banker & Tradesman, April 12, 2015.  Photo gallery of site images I shot is here.

Clip: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

A piece on the terrible winter’s lasting effects on home buyers this spring.

The calendar will tell you that the vernal equinox, also known as the start of spring, was last week. But the plastered-on, don’t-shoot-the-messenger grins of the local weathermen tell a different tale – and every listing agent currently drumming their fingers across their office desk could echo it: Spring, and the spring market, have been delayed.
PDF of full article: Hardest Part
Link to article (paywalled):

Clip: 2014 Foreclosure Glut Due To Past Bad Loans

An in-depth analysis of how an apparent increase in the number of foreclosures across the state was not quite the ill omen it might have seemed on the surface for the local real estate market.

[A] look behind the surface statistics reveals that the while the Bay State may still be being battered by foreclosures, in reality, it’s continuing to weather the same old storm: Loans from the mid-2000s, when lending standards were loosened and home sales boomed, make up the vast majority of distressed properties today. Of the more than 13,000 properties which were in some stage of the foreclosure process in 2014, more than 75 percent had mortgages originated between 2003 and 2008. (The Bay State housing market peaked in the fall of 2005, while the financial crisis of September 2008 marked the beginning of the nationwide housing crash.)

Post-crash loans, the bulk of which were issued under much tougher underwriting standards, made up only 13.8 percent of the loans in some stage of foreclosure proceedings in 2014. (The remainder of the distressed properties, or 9.5 percent, had loans originated prior to 2003.)

PDF of full article: Foreclosure Glut

Link to article (paywalled):

Banker & Tradesman, Feb. 15, 2015.

Clip: Blizzard No Bar To Sales For Wellesley Agent

Light human-interest story about a real estate agent who managed to sell a home in the midst of a blizzard.

With the governor ordering all but essential workers off the roads during last Tuesday’s blizzard, most people were content to sit at home in their bunny slippers – but at least one agent was out in the market, working her tail off.
PDF of full article: Blizzard Sale
Link to article (paywalled):

Clip: Murdoch Talks Move Inc. Plans At Inman Conference

Same day coverage of a speech by Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch repeatedly referred to NewsCorp’s experience in launching what is now the largest property search site in Australia, REA Group’s, as a model for (REA Group, itself a NewsCorp subsidiary, owns a stake in Move, and Murdoch has appointed some former REA senior executives to help manage Move.) Speculation that Murdoch had planned to mold Move in REA’s image had caused some worry among agents – in Australia, REA charges real estate agents both subscription fees and substantial listing fees in order to have their listings displayed on the site.

Murdoch was at pains to reassure agents on this point, however, explaining, “We understand this is a different business model in America. But we think we can live with it,” saying that attracting advertising from financial services and the construction industry would be more of’s focus. “We certainly don’t want to replace agents,” he said.

PDF of full article: Murdoch Speech

Link to article (paywalled):

Banker & Tradesman, Jan. 29, 2015.